Truth Behind Fake Vastu Consultants | Why You Are Not Getting Results By Dr. Kunal Kaushik

Eye opening facts About Vastu “Vastu Advice taken BUT got No Results”

In this video, the world famous vastu expert Dr. Kunal Kaushik talks about the very common problem that people across the globe face after getting a vastu survey done from common vastu consultants. Even after paying a hefty amount of money to these so called hoax vastu consultants, they seem to get no real results. All the problems that they have been facing remain the same.
Dr. Kunal Kaushik, who is a world renowned vastu expert is famous for dealing with such cases where the consumer is getting no real results. He has been in this field for almost a decade now and can sort out such vastu related problems with utmost ease.
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Vastu defects or dosha is defined to project deficiency and flaws for the characteristics distributed in the eight directions. As it is strongly considered by the experts that Vastu is a science of structure that assures prosperity and commitment to souls in heaven. But as most the people who are living lives in the urban areas in the pre constructed buildings it is difficult to meet the needs of directions specified by Vastu.
It is not always possible to have perfect exterior meeting the guidelines specified by Vastu, so we can have a firm focus on the interior of the space. The defects can be rectified by bringing minute changes to the interiors and rearranging certain objects with the help of charged objects. Every defect has a smart remedy that comes along with it and if they are implemented properly they guarantee prosperity and peace.
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The North-west corner should be kept free of any

The North-west corner should be kept free of any clutter and blockage, especially metals and other |unk, as this may cause administrative and legal problems.

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