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About Dr. Kunal Kaushik

Dr. Kunal Kaushik has created a niche for himself in the world of Vastu shastra in a very short span of time. he has been winning accolades for his fine work in his field. Vastu has been his field of interest since the very beginning and he has been actively writing literature and studying the various scriptures related to Vastu shastra since his early days of study. During his study, he used to visit different places like Dubai, Singapore and Europe to study the topography and geography in detail so that his study stands on solid grounds. He has travelled far and wide across the globe for his research in the field of Vastu shastra. For, Vastu shastra is an extensive subject that needs time and devotion to be mastered. It has taken him A GREAT DEAL OF work to achieve such a high stature, that he has managed to bring about today.

His clientele comprises of the crème de la crème of the society. He has thousands of clients across the world who refuse to move without a nod from Dr. Kunal Kaushik. This is nothing but the hard work and dedication that his expertise has brought for him.

He has travelled internationally for giving Vastu related advice and consultations to his internationally acclaimed clients who have been ardent followers of Dr. Kunal Kaushik and have given upon him, the responsibility of all their Vastu related endeavours. Industrialists, businessmen and politicians have consulted him from various countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Mauritius, United States, Canada, France, Spain, United Kingdom etc and have seen some very crucial things working in their favour as they wanted them to.

Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the No.1 Scientific Vastu Consultant who has won the most no. of awards and rewards in his field of work. He has not only achieved a lot of fame for his work but has also taught Vastu Shastra to thousands of students who feel privileged to be studying and working under him. He has catered to the upper crust of the society and has also seen a great number of his clients achieving laurels after getting his guidance.

Dr. Kunal Kaushik has a great many number of Scientific Vastu Instruments and Energy Scanners that are high – tech in nature and provide readings that help Dr. Kunal in deciding the best Vastu remedy for a given project. He has more than 10 Highly Sensitive Scientific Energy Scanners and Instruments that help him in getting to know the given site and work accordingly.

He is one of the highly qualified Vastu Consultants in India. There are many Vastu Experts who propagate Superstitious practices but Dr. Kunal Kaushik is anti-Superstition and pro-Scientific Vastu Expert. He is an avid supporter of Vastu without Demolition which simply means putting Vastu practices to work without demolishing any part of the premise Building. He is aware of all the newest ways of Vastu Shastra and there is a plethora of knowledge within him. He is the true embodiment of the modern Vastu Consultant who is brimming with knowledge about latest and newest technical Vastu Shastra practices. Everything that is known to him as well. There is definitely nobody across the world who can come at par ‘with him in his unmatched knowledge’ unrivalled experience and unprecedented wisdom in his field.

He uses more than 12 Scientific Vastu Scanners, Sensors and Instruments for Vastu Consultation. He is the only Vastu Expert who promotes “Zero Superstition Vastu”. He is the only Vastu Consultant who uses ACESS technology for Premise Aura Scanning. He also checks and cure more than 18 types of radiations, negative energies and stress like: Electromagnetic Radiations, Earth Energy, Parallel Radiations, Telluric Energy, Diagonal Field, Cosmo Telluric Channel, Cardinal Points, Global Field, EMW, Geopathic Stress etc. He also practices Feng Shui with Instruments.

He has won more than 28 Awards, Gold Medals and Certificates in Vastu, Feng Shui and Aura.

Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the only Vastu Consultant in the World who follows the guidelines of many International organizations like: WHO, IGBC, USEPA, MNRE, GRIHA etc for Vastu Consultation.

==== Benefits of Vastu Consultation: ====

Attract More Money, Control Abnormal Behaviour, Create Financial Security, Create New Opportunities, Get Best Product Quality, Get Big Order and Sales, Getting Fame & Recognition, Heal Depression, Improve Grades in Studies, Joy & Happiness, Maximize Industrial Production, Overcome Anxiety, Power & Confidence, Stop Draining Money & Efforts, Strengthen Love & Relationships
To Consult For Your Homes/Apartments, Office/Shops, Factories/Industries, Hotels/Restaurants, Hospitals/Clinics, Plots etc Contact Dr. Kunal Kaushik At: +91-9871117222, +91-9811167701

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